About Shrapnel

Amid the darkness, Shrapnel stands for hope. Despite having been conceived only as an idea in my head this last year, Shrapnel came to life as a result of my passion for creating something unique and unmatched in the clothing industry. A rocket struck the side of my Grandpa's ship in Vietnam causing shrapnel to penetrate his legs and head, and impaired one of his eyes. Though my grandpa was struck with shrapnel he still stands to this day. This story stands to edify us. Hearing about his wounds and the unfortunate situation that came to him was soon to be used as a pedestal for the light. I was conflicted with the idea of how something so violent and painful could be used for good. But the shrapnel that unexpectedly pierced him was soon to bring hope. The term shrapnel, originating from the process of combustion, is brought to you. How will you wear Shrapnel?